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We at Kymz Oils have 6 core values we live by.  Customer First, Trust, Big Vision, Compete, Accountability and Growth. This is why we have a qualification process in order for you to become a distributor with us. All of our distributors are independent contractors that's authorized to represent our products. 

As a distributor you have access to our mentorship program that will ensure your development and success with us. 

We have an innovative approach on compensation. We believe that you should keep all of your profits. We like to view or distributors as business partners not sales reps. 

As a distributor you have the ability to be the boss you want to be, be apart of an organization, learn entrepreneurship from an entrepreneur and gain practical experience to help fund and start your business. 

If you can hit your weekly goals 

You can make anywhere from $375-$1000 a week.

All of our distributors starts with our rookie package.

If your interested in starting with us the initial investment is $220 

Packages include:

Rookie Package 

25 bottles with stand

250 business cards

Kymz Oils T shirt 

Free Mentorship

Social media promotion 

Events referrals 

Kayla the owner of Kayshea Organics. At a event in DC