Service Representative

As a service representative, you'll be expected to provide our existing business accounts with the great customer service and experience they know and expect from us.


Also, you'll work anywhere from 10 to15 hours per week and grow your people skills.

Salary: 40% commission 

Our Kia Motors corporate account love their oils and great customer service.

Event Specialist 

As an event specialist, you will be expected to represent and market our products at local events building brand awareness.


Also, at these local events expect to meet great people, have fun, and make money.

Our event specialist Q, at a pop-up shop in Washington, DC satisfying a customer

Authorized Distributor

As an authorized Distributor, you'll be treated as a business partner. But first, you must meet our company standards and values.


As a distributor, you will operate independently as a business and to ensure your success; we provide services and programs to help you along your journey.

With our help, you can earn $375 to $1000 per week on your terms.


Also, all qualified Distributors must sign an agreement before any business can take place.



Our Authorized Distributor Dante with his team in Colombus, Ohio.