Meet Leon, The Founder and CEO of Kymz Oils and The Kymmunity. Over The past several years he has helped over hundreds of people to start and grow their business. Starting out in the streets of the DMV selling oils, he have led us to who we are today.  His Vision is for us to be the largest platform for new an aspiring entrepreneurs to start, grow and expand their business nationwide. By us doing that we would have created our version of the historic black wall street.

The Story

In the early years when we first got started all we had was a dream. I would wake up at 4:30 am to travel 2 hours on the bus to go to work. I knew that I wanted to change my life but didn't know how. One day while working at my part time job a man asked me what was I doing when I was in college. I told him playing ball and selling oils. He knew I was upset with myself and hated my job so he gave me the best advice. He stated " why don't you start back selling oils. After that I hit the ground running.

It have been a long process to get to where we are now. As a creator it will be a lot of gut checking moments but trust me you have to keep going.


That is why I named our business after my mom Kym, because no matter how hard it get I can never give up on my mom. She have truly been my greatest inspiration. She have taught me so much and if I can just make 1/2 of an impact on somebody life that she had on me I know I'll be great,

This is why our oils all have meaning to their name I like to speak to our people. The names are all inspired by real life people or a bigger meaning. Example : Vision, Boss Talk, The One, Goddess, Wealth 

It's bigger than oils that is How we got started.

The Vision

Is to help as many people to start, grow and expand their business. That is truly my passion. Supporting others, connecting with great people and traveling.