Hey, guys my vision is to build our scented oil brand into a nationwide company and I need your help. After seeing the sucess that I had in retail I decided to share the oppertunity with you. If you thought about starting a business or having a business already and need funding this is a great collaberation for you.  We promote  our distributors. This helps us to connect you with customers in your area.  When you order 100  bottles or more you recieve  business consulting access with myself and I will help you along your journey in growing your business. 
If you are making less than $40 a hour at your current job this is great for you.
If you thought about starting a business but don't know what to do this is great for you.
If you picture yourself traveling while running a business this is for you.  With our portable stand you are able to travel, connect and grow your business anywhere you want.
Each package comes with 15 of our top selling scents. Which you will sell at our retail price one for $20 or 2 for $30. 
Thats a min of $225-$300 that you'll make for every 15 bottles. Invest in more bottles so your not waiting when you sell out because the sell fast!
Package includes
15 scents 
Boss Talk 2
Prolific 2
Vision 2 
Golden sand 2
Soba 2
The one 2
Goddess 2
Wealth 1
Stand that holds 25 bottles
Kymz Oils official Tshirt and Business cards
Once package arrive we ask for you to post us on your page and we will repost you. 
Keep in mind Orders over $500 gets next day shipping every order below that expect your package to arrive  3-10 days after order.

Kymz Oils Wholesale package


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