Lets start your business with Kymz today. Thats right be apart of this growing brand and represent us in your local Kymmunity.  In this package recieve 100 bottles of our 1 oz oils, Official Kymz Oils Tshirt, two 50 bottle stands and 250 business cards. This Package also includes pop up shop refferals in your local Kymmunity and IG Promotion.  


You will sell our oils for $20 or 2 for $30 (thats $1,500-$2,000 per order)


After you place an order our founder Leon will send you a text within 24hrs to schedule  a game plan to Sucess. 


Shipping takes 3-7 days. 


With this package there is no company sale goals.  You work at your own pace with this package.


Let us know what size shirt you wear so we can get you started.

Kymz Oils 100 Bottles Wholesale Basic package