Chapter 1 Knowing your Destination

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Do you enjoy traveling but before you can get on a plane or get on the road. The thing that you got to do is to figure out where you are going. This is the same in business many time we try to get on a plane with out knowing where we are going. In this first chapter I'm going to help you accomplish the first step that you need to take to be able to reach what ever goal you have for yourself.

Let's get started

In my first year I started small. That's not a bad thing in fact it was the best thing that happen to me because I was able to get my reps in just like if you are working out. Some of our goals we never did before so if you never done it before don't just jump into. Start small so you can learn the technique and you just build up with time.

Example: At one point i was extremely happy to just get 1 sale everyday. I was selling the 4 for $20 bottle of oil so that's an extra $600 a month. At that time I thought I was up. I mean I still had my job so an extra $600 that was my stimulus check.

Once I did that for a month I told myself I can do that 4 times a day so that $20 became $80 a day I started making about $2400 a month from really a hour each day at lunch.

So than I challenge myself. I said if I can do it 4 times I can do it 5 times that became $100 a day. 5 people would tell me yes and that would make my day. Did you know $100 a day is a $36,500 business. That's pretty great especially as a part time. $700 a week.

So here are actual steps to reach what ever goal you have.

  1. Take the time to write it out. What do that number look like. (Start small you want to actually accomplish your goals for it to work long term)

  2. Break your numbers down Example $5000 a week is only $714 a day (there is 7 days in a week) divide your goal number by the amount of days in a week.

  3. Figure out what products or service that you offer that will get you there. Example : $700 is the daily goal. Our min wholesale order is $400 for 50 bottles so to reach that goal I would need 2 wholesale orders a day. Don't worry they are the real winners because they will profit anywhere from $350-$600 per batch.

  4. That leads me to the next point. Put a date on it. In sports its a shot clock figure how fast you want to reach your goal. Example if you need to save $1,000 to go on a vacation within the next week you may work harder to make it happen in comparison to saving that for next year vacation because you will think its always next year. Time matters.

Now you know where you are going. The next step is to figure out how are you are going to get there. I mean you can Drive, fly, walk, take a bus. Lets just figure out the best way for you at this time. You may not have the capital to book a flight yet. You may do have the capital to book that ticket. It just depend on your goal or (Destination)

If you have a physical products face to face is a great strategy to use because its tangible and a lot of time customers buy off impulse. ( That just mean it wasn't planned)

Vending events are great if you have some capital. In the early years I wasn't going to events. I didn't have the capital and I knew how to gain business so I wasn't relying on a event to bring customers.

Many people forget the effectiveness of being out your trunk or connecting with the people in your Kymmunity.

Another way you can build is through social. Social media is right now the ultimate connector, your able to grow your brand any and everywhere. On the next chapter I will talk about the practical strategies you can use to grow on social.

Lastly and this is probably the most import one. Is connecting with the right people. When they say your networth is your network is so true. I'm not going lie people you start absorbing and be around force you to step up. I remember i was at my mentor conference he ask me whats my monthly goal. got closer to him and it doubled the people you around matters.

Once you have figured out your transportation. Figure out your why. Your Why is always important if your parents are dying and you have to get to Florida from Dc within a day your paying that ticket for a flight. Why because your why is worth more than money. But if your going there for business you may drive because you have other markets on the way you can stop in and manage and you have the time to enjoy the simple things.

Whats your WHY? It don't have to be a deep save the world answer it can just be my phone bill is $200 or my rent/mortgage is $1500. When I started I just wanted to buy lunch. What ever it is that drive you focus on that. Now lets make it happen!

Let me know if this have helped you out. The KymmUnity Membership is design for you to grow. I have already built Kymz Oils into those cities I'm on to The KymmUnity a platform for entrepreneurs like you to grow nationwide. Stay connected

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