Is being a Artist the same as being an Entrepreneur

Hell yea it is, it’s really the same shit. Its like do you want a deal or do you want to stay independent? An artist deal is nothing more than an Investor. Now why wouldn’t you want to have an investor? Well just like the artist you loose power and control of your art. As a true creator business is my art. Like you are able to create something that was here before. That’s the best thing about creating. Just like Drake creating a song not for him but for you to listen to.

Many new entrepreneurs and artist don’t realize the power of having a catalog. what do I mean by this. For artist keep putting out songs one is going to hit and once it do. They will go back to see your music from before and realize how great it is. That goes the same for you entrepreneurs. Keep putting out content, Keep building because once you get discovered they will go back and read your content and realize your the real deal.

Keep putting out Content keep building, going through the process.

comment below if this blog helped you in anywa.

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