Mid week events

Why are we hosting these mid week events? The reason because a lot of new entrepreneurs only grow their business on the weekend. For me in it is a everyday thing. I use to hate the fact that only event that is on the weekend.

Like Wal-Mart is is open everyday. Why did I have to wait til the weekend to open up shop.

face to face is still effective specially if your new and don’t have brand. That’s one way you can grow your brand on a local level.

Trust me I get it you may have children, other responsibilities or building your business is not that deep. Like everyone is not trying to build the next billion dollar company.

just think if your able to make $200 every night from Monday-Friday that’s $1000 a week. thats $4000 a month. Thats $52,000 a year.

That was way more than I was getting when I was working at enterprise and they said I had a good job.

If your in Cleveland and would like to grow your business during the week visit our event section and connect.

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