New year new goals

Let’s go great people this is The first official week of 2021 let’s sit down and set our goals.

Where you are at now do not matter just start!

Write down 3 different goals for your bussiness like this

Sales Goal make $1000 with my butters (what ever your products or service is)

Actionable Goal share my business with 1000 people this week (142 people a day)

Time goal example from 7pm-12pm everyday I will dedicate to my business.

now you have what you want to accomplish and the how your going to accomplish.

No determine your why. Is it to go on a vacation? Is it to pay your phone bill? Is it to have some extra spending money or do you have the ambition to build a business that allow you to live off of it.

It starts with a plan. A great way You can start for free is to dm or get out and go into your local Kymmunity and share your business cards with the people.

please focus on that first stair in front of you instead of the whole staircase.

Focus On selling 1 first before you worry about the next millions you will sell.

hope this will help you along your journey. Stay connected. Check out the Free ebook I put out last year

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