Take Bold Bets

Are you taking Bold Bets? Taking bold bets are the greatest way you become an Innovator. Its also the greatest way to learn because you expose yourself to lessons.

Sad to say many people are afraid to make bold bets on theirselves. They rather make a bold bet on someone or something else. Maybe because if it don’t workout as plan they still have room to not take full blame.

All the greatest people that you remember love making bold bets on theirselves. Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, MalcomX, Michael Jordan, Russell Simmons, Jeff Bezos, Jay Z, Mark Zuckerberg all did one thing and betted on theirself.

Are you willing to take the last shot? Do you want to take it?

The biggest bet you can make is on yourself your the greatest stock.

How are you betting on yourself? leave your comments below.

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