What is Think Week

Two times a year Leon goes on a 7 day retreat where he is completely isolated from any form of business. No Customers, No Vendors, No distributors No partners, No social media. He goes to an exclusive location where he gets away and use this time to learn and create new ideas. During this week he research new topics, absorbs massive information from business, spirituality and leadership. To not only better himself but the people around him and the company itself.

words from our Founder.

" Think week is one of the best implementation that an entrepreneur should apply into their business, I have experienced an amazing growth not just with business but over all as a person. We are always on go mode and use a week to just create"

Some books I read during Think week are.

The Power of Now

0 to 1

Rich Dad Poor Dad series

Some Videos I watch on Youtube

David Shands

Steve Jobs

Jeff Bezo

Dame Dash

Patrick Bet David

Eckhart Tolle

Study the people that the level you want to be on and study the process not where they are now. Go back 10 years ago and see what they were doing to get them where they are at now.

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