Our distributor program is designed for you to start and run a business without taking on traditional risks that most businesses incur.
Our Kymmunity strategy allows you to learn and grow as an entrepreneur. We have created the perfect package to help you start your own business.  
Your package will include the following: 
	200 signature Kymz Oils scents 
	250 business cards
	Oil stand
	Official Kymz Oils T-shirt
        Plus Business Mentorship  

You will recieve 200 bottles of women, men, and unisex scents: 
Men Scents

20 Prolific
20 Boss Talk
20 Vision
20 Blue Magic
Women Scents

20 Goddess
20 The One
20 Wild child
20 Soba
Uni sex

20 Golden Sand
10 Wealth
10 Loyalty
How it works:

	Make at least an extra $3,000/month!
	Sell the oils for our retail price of  either 1 for $20 or 2 for $30
	Restock your inventory and earn more money!!!

Your Daily sale goal is 7 bottles a day. If your ready let’s get you into business today.