What is a Vendor?

A vendor is our entry level sales position whose job it is to help service and maintain relationships with our existing business accounts.

Why a Vendor?

Believing the best knowledge comes from experience, we require all team members, executives, and department leaders to first start out as vendors before any advancement within the company. 

What is Expected?

As a point of sale, you'll be expected to provide our customers with the great customer service they know and expect


Moreover, you must be prepared to grow and develop as a person. Because with that mindset you will be able to learn skills that will ultimately prepare you for life along with any future growth with our company. 

Our Columbus Team

The Skills You'll Learn

Communication - Our customers are everything to us that's why it's essential for our vendors to know how to engage and interact with our clients to help maintain these relationships.


Management - We have a culture that promotes independence among our team members allowing you to grow and take on more responsibility within the company developing you into a leader.


Marketing - With so many opportunities in life from meeting to a stranger to sitting down with and talking with our existing accounts; over the course of your training, you'll develop the confidence to present yourself in a respectable manner.

Book Keeping - You will learn how to track business statistics - from tracking sales and discovering ways to help increase profits and margins to recognizing market trends that will have a future impact on the company's growth.


Personal Development - In life, we are constantly faced with different challenges and roadblocks, it's the same in the world of business. Therefore, it's crucial for all our team members to develop the necessary mindset to face these problems head-on. 


Business Development - We don't expect you to be perfect on your first day. Because we've been in your position and know it's not easy adjusting. That's we developed the management in training program which provides hands-on experience and guided mentorship to every one of our vendors to help them reach their full potential. 


Rising the Ranks

1. Vendor 


Your job will be to provide the best customer service to our existing business accounts helping us to grow and maintain these relationships.

2. Consultant


Your job will be to meet our company standards and help develop new vendors. Also, with this position, you will have the ability to represent the company at different events.

3. Department Leader


Your job will be to lead a sales team of vendors and consultants. Helping them to reach their weekly goals along with finding new markets and warming them up for your team.

4. Management


Your job will be to manage and develop a department within our company.

Why join?

Well, the answer is quite simple for us you're not just a vendor when you join Kymz Oils you become family.


And as family, we want the best for you. Meaning through this program you will not only become a better person but a great leader.

Yes, that sounds great an all, but how does this help me make money?


Well, we have a competitive pay structure starting at $12.50 per hour for our vendors and we also have a 40% commission option equivalent anywhere from $15 - $30 per hour. 

How do I qualify?

If you've made it this far we're glad it definitely means you're interested. However, know we take our time reviewing each applicant to make sure you align with our company's vision and mission.

So before applying click here to learn more about our company's vision and mission



If you believe you already have what it takes to grow with us not only as a person. But join our company and become a part of the family.


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