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Our Story

Kymz Oils began as a small retail oil business, founded by Leon Chambers. Leon started the business while he was in college playing football and working several jobs. One day, after having a conversation with a customer at one of his part-time jobs, he knew that he had to do more with his life. He was tired of working for other people and wanted to provide generational wealth for his family. 

Leon's biggest inspiration is his mother, Kym, which is why he named the business after her. At that moment, he knew there was no turning back because no matter how hard it gets he can never give up on his mom.


To date, Leon has created a KymmUnity of entrepreneurs and has helped over hundreds of people grow and sustain profitable businesses. In addition, he has impacted numerous people through his business education, resources, and philanthropy. Leon has always strived to make Kymz Oils bigger than himself.

Today, he with the help of his dedicated team members,  have expanded Kymz Oils to one of the largest platforms for new and aspiring entrepreneurs to start, grow, and expand their business nationwide through Kymz Oils Distributor Program and vendor opportunities. 

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