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  • How does the distributor program work?
    Our Distributor program is designed for you to start and run a business without taking on traditional risks that most businesses incur. After you have recieved your products, you can start selling and hosting your own events/pop up shops. Through our KymmUnity strategies, you will grow as an entrepreneur and learn more about owning your own business.
  • Will I recieve help with starting my business?
    Yes, you will receive hands on assistance with our team. We will provide you with marketing strategies, customer referrals, business development coaches to help you remain successful and profitable.
  • How do I restock on orders?
    To restock please place an order online. Once that order is placed you will email/text our company your exact inventory to fit your package to order.
  • How long do orders take to ship?
    Shipping takes 5-7 days after your order has been placed. To recieve next day shpping you must invest $2,000 or more.
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