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Try this new scent from The Reflection Collection. This scent is bursting with fruity notes such as grapes, peach, mango and citrus. With this unique blend, they will smell you before and after you walk in or out the room.

Performance 7-9 hours

Kymz personal Review 10/10 : This one is truly a hit. If you enjoy a sweet vibrant fruity scent. Me personally I really enjoy this scent on a women. This scent is great for the day or night. If your going to church or speaking on stage, this scent is great for you. Only draw back is it may be to loud for some people but hey your the Boss. Just like this scent, You set the tone in the room. This scent sold out in the first day.

Don’t like the scent? No worries you have 3 days after the scent was delivered to let us know and we’ll work it out for you.

Boss Lady (The Reflection Collection)

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